They say inorganic food is affordable. Really?  Let’s evaluate the indirect costs. Inorganic pesticides & fertilizers that a farmer uses are made in processes that generate a lot of hazardous waste. This dangerous waste is dumped in landfills or in natural water resources. The farm that uses inorganic fertilizers gradually becomes so dependent on fertilizers that it cannot produce anything without ever-incremental doses of the same fertilizers that promised improved lifestyle through increased production. Finally the farmland becomes unusable & the small and marginal farmers are pushed out of business. They are forced to migrate to cities. This puts a lot of strain on the quality of life in urban areas as we can see around us.  And of course while all this is slowly happening around us, we continue eating inorganic farming produce and witness increased health problems such as cancer, diabetes, infertility, ageing at very young age.

Advocating inorganic farming for its perceived benefits of increased production is like advocating taxes collected from liquor industry. In the long run, we end up paying more on socio-economic & health repercussions of liquor than what we earn by way of taxes.